Refa Expression High Tension Mask 4 Pcs

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From your face to your neck, each lift will enhance your beauty from within. A uniquely designed mask with double hooks that attach to the ears, allowing the sheet to cover the neck where aging signs tend to appear. The Three-layer Sheet continually provides enriched beauty ingredients, which helps being out the skin's suppleness and elasticity. It is a double ear seat with its own developed, not only skin and face line. It is a mask that closely adheres to the neck, where the aging sign easily comes out, and approaches directly. The three-layer structure sheet which contains plenty of beauty serum tightens the skin, skin firm and tight with elasticity and elasticity makes the facial expressive bright. It is a moisturizing face mask in which the shape of the ear type closely adheres even to the neck where the aging sign easily comes out. A three-tiered sheet containing plenty of essence liquid tightens the skin and raises the face line. Scent: no fragrance. How to use: After cleansing, use your skin with lotion, etc. before using. Recommended before cream and many other oils. Estimated use is once a week. If you are concerned about drying, etc. twice a week is recommended.

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