Browlash Neo Perfect Fit Gel Liner 2 Types

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Keep clear line and blind! 24 hour durable gel liner. Kimaru & the mood as expected and Agar finish at the eyes. It is a gel liner of super waterproof which is easy to draw fitting to the eyes' wrinkle. The thin elliptical core fits the eyelid and the line is stable. Easy to draw even thin and thick by changing the angle, hybrid design is easy to draw hidden lines. It is a quick-drying gel prescription, it keeps a clean line all day because it is hard to fall on the skin. It was toned so as to fit the eyes of the Japanese, not too floating black. How to use: It protrudes about 1.1 mm and slides gently along the hairline so as to fill in the gap between eyelash. Put your core sideways and use it. Draw a fine line at the corner of the corner at the corner of the core while lightly pulling the eye. When you want to draw a thick line, draw the core so that you lay it down. When dropping it, recommend using point make-up remover.

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